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Now taking orders for 2021. PLEASE CALL AND PLACE YOUR ORDERS !!!! (828)524-3264 OR TEXT YOUR ORDERS (828) 342-0333 . Availability of stock consistently changes. I check messages regularly.
It's always good to call before you head this way for store hours and weather.

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Dried Lotus Pods
Hardy Shallow Water Plants(bareroot)
Hardy Water Lilies(bareroot)
Lilylike plants (bareroot)
Pool Side Plants(bareroot)
Tropical Floating Plants
Tropical Shallow Water Plants(bareroot)
Tropical Water Lilies(bareroot)

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Cardinal Flower
Cardinal Flower
(Lobelia cardinalis) Late summer and early fall flowers of brilliant red or vermillion on 2' to 3' stems. Prefers moist soil.
*N/A Whol...
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Iron Weed
Iron Weed
(Vernonia noveboracensis) Grows 3 to 9 feet tall with 5 to 10 inch leaves the lenght of the stem which is topped by rose-purple flowers. Prefers moist...
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